Things To Do

Relax on Stunning Beaches

Dickenson Bay, one of the famous beaches located in Antigua, is the land of turquoise waters and white powder sand. Most popular for its water sports such as snorkelling, jet skiing and parasailing. There is so much to do here in charming bars and restaurants. Half Moon Bay, one of the quieter beaches in the crescent shape of the moon, provides travellers with a serene, peaceful atmosphere for picnics, swimming and family time. On the other hand, Pigeon point beach is a family place with shallow waters and shades of picnic sports. You can visit nearby parks, grounds and have a wholesome family time. Every scenic beach in Antigua offers unique experiences for travellers of every type.

Explore Historical Sites

Nelson's Dockyard is one the restored Georgian naval dockyard and declared as a UNESCO World Heritage site. It is named after Admiral Horatio Nelson who showed chivalry in his Maritime career. The dockyard has rich Antigua history that is showcased with exhibits, shops and restaurants. Another popular site here is Shirley Heights that offers panoramic views of English harbour and has parties with live music, barbecue every Sunday to give visitors a glimpse of history through entertainment. Lastly, a mere sugar plantation called Betty's Hope is one off the restored historic site. It was the first large-scale sugar mill that highlighted the struggle of those who worked there. Also, there is a museum highlighting lives of enslaved people giving glimpses of the Island's colonial past.

Enjoy Water Activities

Antigua islands provide excellent options for sports lovers with various activities available at Cases Reef, a protected marine area. This place is covered with vibrant corals and marine life giving travellers a host of options for enjoyment. There are guided tours and equipment for rentals are available for everyone to practise and enjoy water sports. The Caribbean is also known as the sailing capital of Antigua because it hosts a prestigious sailing week that has competitive races and live celebration events. Along with that you can also enjoy paddleboarding and kayaking through the submerged mangrove trees into the heart of islands. Follow the trail of tranquillity and observe local wildlife away from all the chaos or swim through the protected waters for thrill and adventure.

Savour Local Cuisine

Antigua is not only filled with waters and good for adventurers but it also has vibrant street food and excellent dining areas. In the local markets you can savour traditional dishes like conch fritters and johnny cakes, to evoke your senses with joy as you mingle your way with locals. For a more upscale dining experience, head to Sheer rocks, a gourmet restaurant with cliffside views and dishes straight from the sea. Bay house perfectly blends European and Caribbean flavours. For ending your day with cocktails and runs, try local distilleries and wine houses. Also, beach bars and upscale lounges are best for Antigua signature rum punch and tropical cocktails.



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